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In order for you to stay fit and healthy it’s a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone to go for a walk at least for 30 minutes, twice a week.

But the thing is that when you’re going for a run you shouldn’t start doing stretches beforehand. Stretching afterwards is highly encouraged while the muscle is already warm and elastic, it increases flexibility, muscle length and range of motion.

Doing stretches before going for a run is being highly discouraged after a recent study done by the USA Track & Field, they did a study on 1400 volunteers with ages ranging from 13~60 splitting them in to ‘stretching’ and ‘non-stretching’ groups, here’s what they say in conclusion:

About 16 percent of the group that didn’t stretch were hobbled badly enough to miss training for at least a week (the researchers’ definition of a running injury), while about 16 percent of the group that did stretch were laid up for at least a week. The percentages, in other words, were virtually identical. Static stretching had proved to be a wash in terms of protecting against injury. It “neither prevented nor induced injury when compared with not stretching before running,” the study authors concluded.

The type of stretches and the duration of the stretching routine is very important, you could hurt your self just by doing the wrong stretch or by overdoing one, so if stretching is proven to be unhelpful you’re simply just putting your self in risk of injury.

This study in the other hand was was observing participants that were doing routines that were considered ‘correct’ by the experts in the USA Track & field in order for it to be authentic.

Happy running!

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  1. I always stretch before running, and now it has been proven wrong. What a shame ! Thanks for providing 8 sources :)

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